Community Outreach

community_interiorWe are committed to supporting organizations, projects and programs that enhance the lives of children and families in need, particularly in the geographic areas where we operate. Our social investments include direct grant support, active encouragement of employee engagement and a matching gifts program that supplements our employees’ contributions to qualifying non-profits.

To advance our efforts to promote global citizenship, we have extended our reach through a partnership with ChildFund International. We are collaborating to create programs and environments that protect, nurture and develop our most deprived and vulnerable children.

Recent Projects in India

Understanding that availability of sanitation facilities is a critical need for a healthy and happy life, our employees at our Pune, India site were actively involved in the construction of a washroom for girls in one of the schools for orphaned children in Pune. This work will help more than 320 girls attend school on a regular basis and allow them privacy for care of their personal hygiene. According to Swapnil Khanolkar, the Pune plant site manager, “ While our biggest contribution to our community may be the jobs that we create, we are also proud to play a role in developing our community into a better place where school children can take care of their personal hygiene needs with dignity.”

Tredegar also worked with ChildFund International on a child-friendly school initiative in four remote and isolated villages in the Pune District. By providing proper sanitation facilities, access to clean water, new classroom material, playground equipment and bicycles for girls, Tredegar is reaching 1,000 students and making school a safer, more welcoming and engaging place for many of India’s most vulnerable children.